How to Properly Store CBD Products

Store CBD Products

CBD oil is becoming ever-popular due to its positive effect on people’s health. CBD can potentially help with health issues such as acute and chronic pain, as well as neurological problems like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and plenty of other ailments. CBD oil is really taking the reign in the holistic approach, but this does not mean that people who use it know how to properly store CBD products.

Properly storing your CBD products not only helps preserve its potency, but also the vital cannabinoidsterpenesflavonoids, and other elements that make CBD such a sought-out wellness product. 

Do you need to store it in the fridge, or can you keep it on your bedside table? In this blog, we explain how to properly store CBD oil for it to not lose its precious effects. We shall also explain how long you can keep your CBD oil and every other question you might have about CBD storage.

How is CBD packaged?

CBD oil and tinctures are normally packaged in glass vials. The glass itself is often dark, to prevent exposure to light. A dropper is usually included as well, to help with serving size and to keep the liquid inside as clean as possible.

Other products like edibles, vape juice, capsules, and even dog treats should be stored in the same containers they came in. If the packaging has been damaged or can’t be sealed, find an airtight container and store as directed on the bottle.

Can CBD oil go bad?

Luckily, high-quality CBD oil has a long and stable shelf life. Its longevity is similar to that of hemp oil, meaning it stays good for 14-24 months. Replace your opened CBD products after 2 years regardless, as the product can begin to lose potency and flavor.

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Do you keep CBD oil in the fridge?

CBD oil, especially full-spectrum CBD oil, is full of active cannabinoid and terpene ingredients that comprise beneficial healing properties. While these are not too dependent on temperature, they are quite sensitive to light. It is also why most CBD companies choose to pack their CBD oil in amber glass bottles.

When you buy your CBD oil, on the package label you will see the manufacturer states that you store your CBD oil in a dark and cool place. Does this mean the fridge? Actually, it does not. The best way to keep the benefits of your CBD oil longer is to store it in a cupboard or a pantry. Here it will stay at room temperature, but away from direct sunlight.

Most quality CBD oils do not have any preservatives in them. That means if stored improperly, such as near a heat source or in direct sunlight, the oil can develop mold or even bacteria. So, to avoid this, simply put your CBD oil in a cool, dark place.

Can CBD oil be frozen?

If you get a good deal on a larger quantity of CBD oil, then you should know how to properly keep it for longer. In such a case, it would probably be alright to freeze some of your CBD oil. Here you should note that you should only freeze CBD oil bottles that have not been exposed to air. The air contains oxygen which can adversely affect the quality of the CBD oil. Also, an opened container could allow smells and moisture from the freezer to enter the CBD oil, effectively ruining it.

By freezing your CBD oil, you can see that it will become very thick and even cloudy. Even as such, it will not lose its beneficial effects. But if you have any doubts, then you can contact the seller or manufacturer for more information on freezing your CBD oil.

How long can I store CBD Products?

The ingredients in CBD oil deteriorate over a prolonged period. The deterioration process is faster if there is air in the bottle, or if it comes in contact with direct sunlight. If you have a larger quantity of CBD oil and wish to store it, you can do it safely for up to a year. Anything longer than that and the natural processes in the oil will cause too much decay of the useful ingredients, resulting in less effective CBD oil.

To keep track, you should look at the color of the oil. Most CBD oils on the market today are filtered and are clear in color, so you can easily notice changes. If the oil starts to change to a darker color, that means it is getting less effective and it is recommended that you use it sooner. Storing it much longer will also affect the flavor, and after a while, the CBD oil can become extremely unpleasant to use orally.

Store CBD

Guidelines on properly storing CBD products

To appease any doubts you may have on the proper storing of CBD oil, we’ve made the following guidelines explaining what you need to think of when storing CBD oil. Make sure you follow these to ensure your CBD oil stays in the most usable condition for the longest amount of time.

  • Keep your CBD oil bottle tightly closed, never leave it open for a long time as the oxygen in the air can cause it to deteriorate faster
  • Keep it away from heat sources like a stove, oven, space heater
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Do not leave it in your vehicle as the heat can cause the oil to deteriorate faster
  • Keep your CBD oil away from children and pets

If you take care of your CBD oil properly, it will take care of you for longer. Knowing how to adequately store this product means you can use it longer and won’t risk mold, bacteria, or using a lesser quality product. 

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